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We all have a story.

Our stories, our lives, our heritage.

As an educator, I spent three years working for an in-depth Teaching American History grant. I listened to countless stories about people from the past; Our founding fathers, explorers, women who worked in factories, people who made their mark in history and more.

I couldn’t stop wondering about my own family. What were their stories? What would they say about their lives. We have so many clues about our heritage and more and more of the details are coming to light every day. Many people are joining groups to learn about their ancestors, even going as far as getting DNA tests to find out who their ancestors were, who they are related to, and what is the story of their past. I remember learning about my great-great grandmother and looking at the picture of her and trying to figure out what she thought, what she experienced, and what she would have been like if she were alive today. I have the pictures, I have the dates, I even have letters, but I don’t have her words, her thoughts and her voice to listen to, to learn about her, her journey.

One person’s stories that I do remember are my Great Uncle Al’s, while visiting him up at the family farm. I remember hearing him tell the stories of riding horses across the countryside, working on the machinery and how different life was like for him growing up, than it is now. I wish I had the chance to sit down and record his stories. I wish that I had given him a chance to celebrate his life and the experiences that he had. I wish that I could ask him the questions about life that I have now. I know he could help me with some insightful answers. Man, I want to hear his voice one more time, especially now that I am older and understand the significance. We all could have learned from him. We all could have enjoyed his stories and lessons.

I also wish I had the stories of the people who are around me now during earlier times of their lives. I wish I could have heard my mom tell the story of when she found out that she was going to have me or my sister and brother. What was she thinking? Was she excited? Was she nervous? What were her thoughts? What did she look like? I wish I could look back at a video of her at that time, with her answering those questions, letting me see a glimpse of who she was, at that moment in her life.

As I started collecting the stories of my family members, I found that it was easier to interview the relatives that I didn’t know as well. Why was this? What I found in my initial interviews, was that it was easier to ask questions when I didn’t always know the answers. I didn’t feel awkward asking the questions about their feelings about particular subjects, because I didn’t have the stories already in my head. I remember having a friend interview my dad. He was able to ask him questions that I might have steered away from and I was pleasantly surprised on how easily the stories poured out of him to this stranger. Sometimes, we can share stories with strangers, easier than with the ones we love.

There are so many reasons to collect stories;

  • the birth of child so they can grow up hearing the stories that you remember hearing (from the voice of the loved one),
  • a family reunion while everyone is together reminiscing,
  • a birthday event,
  • a high school graduation…imagine the collective stories that come from lifetimes of experience.

The reasons to collect the stories are many, and the stories are always being made. I would love to help you gather your stories for someone special in your family, or for a close friend’s family, whoever you want to celebrate, so together, we can help save the memories forever.







What Is Tallypic Films? Learn More

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What Is

Tallypic Films can help you skillfully collect your family’s stories, so you can celebrate the memories of the ones you love with others.

 TallyPic Films wants to honor the people in your family because they are the heroes. That’s why we give them the whole Film Experience: lights, cameras and audio. We spend months gathering footage and we use that footage to create a documentary film. We pull historical content from different sources, including family.   We love what we do and we want to create something special for them.

We also want to make it easy for you to share all of these wonderful stories with your friends and families.  That is why we, not only, make the documentary film, but we also organize all of the stories by topic.  We want you to share the stories of your loved ones.  Facebook, Twitter and Google+ or just a few ways in which you can share your stories.  How cool would it be, on special occasions, or just for the fun of it, to share the story of how your grandfather met your grandmother and the love they still have for each other.  What about, when your teenager starts deciding what he wants to do for his career, you pull out the story about the lessons learned your parents had figuring out their careers.  There are so many reasons to share your families stories (see Special Occasions below for more ideas).  We want to make it easy for you.  We know you know the stories, but wouldn’t it be great, if your children and grandchildren got to hear them, too?


Each person matters. Each person has a story.
Tallypic Films is the gathering of stories and the celebration of life.
Tallypic Films helps each person feel special and valued.

Each person matters. Each person has a story.

Film Topic examples:

We all have thought back to our memories, our loved ones and wondered what their lives were like. This idea started with realizing how I had wished I had gathered the stories of my Great Uncle Al. He was a quiet man, tall in stature and filled with a life that I will never completely know and/or understand. I visited him in North Dakota during many summers of my youth. I spoke to him about his past. I had just touched the surface and didn’t really get to ask the questions that I wish I had the answers to now, especially in his voice. I realize now the significance of his life and his experience. I wish I had taken the time to gather those stories, celebrate his life, by letting him know how important he was to our family.

Tallypic Films is the gathering of stories and the celebration of life:

  • First, we have crafted a process that is specifically designed to ask the right questions and, that gets to the most important and meaningful stories of you family. We are going to work with you, from the pre-interview, all the way through the post production process.
  • Second, we skillfully gather every story and record them to create an organized archive of your families’ stories.
  • Third, we create a beautiful film personally crafted to the stories of your family.

Tallypic Films will create something very special for you. During our pre-interview, we will discuss the presentation options that best suit your family. Do you want a video, a set of files that are organized and easy to access, an interactive photo album with pictures and letters, as well as the interview files so that you can put up on a family website?

Tallypic Films will create a unique and special film that touches on some of the highlights of your family. We can discuss what the focus will be. Is it to be a keepsake for your new daughter so she can hear about your thoughts as you are right now? Is it meant to capture the stories from your parents so you will have them once they are no longer here? Is it for your son’s high school graduation, so later, he can look back and realize the complexity of life. After all, we all have had to figure out the answers to create a meaningful life.

As I think back to growing up, I think of that movie camera of my youth (Tallypic logo). I think of the light shining in my eyes as we carved our pumpkins with my family. With Tallypic Films, the camera is meant to shine a light on our loved ones and to be a witness to their lives. We are focusing on the person or persons that we never want to forget. We are inviting each individual to share their beautiful, complicated, interesting, and/or happy stories of their past. They may also share their lessons learned, viewpoints and feelings about the birth of a child or any number of important life events.

Tallypic Films helps each person feel special and valued.

After all, it is each person that we are celebrating. We are there to share their stories, their lives and gather their words for future generations. Each person’s story is important. Sometimes it is not until it is too late that we see the value of a loved one’s life lessons. Tallypic Films wants to help us not lose those valuable moments.

Special Occasions

Birth of a Child

Celebrate a birth of your child by having the child’s grandparents (aunts/uncles/close friends of the family, etc…) and great grandparents share their memories of raising their own children and they can share their excitement of welcoming the new child into their lives.

Story Time:

Does your mother tell stories that made you laugh growing up?  Does your father read a story better than anyone you know?  I can come professionally produce your parents telling your child(ren) stories (with pictures, video and high quality 4 channel sound)  so your son and/or daughter will have those stories on their ipads or tvs anytime they want.

High School Graduation

Celebrate a high school graduation by inviting the child’s parents, guardians and/or grandparents to talk about their experiences in finding their first job, working a lifetime at different jobs and/or the challenges/rewards of finding their passion in life.

Family Reunions

Everyone is gathering around a family’s home, park or city. This is a perfect time to get the stories flowing. Use this gathering as an excuse to record some stories for everyone. Gather stories from the adults, but we can also gather stories of the youngest ones in the group, too. Their perspectives, their thoughts will change, evolve or stay the same…. This will be a fun recording to come back to later in life.


Who needs a pre-marriage counselor? Sometimes the best advice one needs are the words of wisdom of grandparents and uncles and aunts. This is a special time for the engaged couple and after a few days, years or decades, they can go back to the words of wisdom and see if it has a whole new meaning after years of being together.

Birthday Celebrations

Maybe everyone is together celebrating grandma’s 80th birthday or maybe everyone is gathering to celebrate the 5th birthday of little Johnnie. It is hard to know what is that perfect gift. Putting together the stories of how everyone feels about the loved one, life experiences raising a child or maybe even the feelings and stories of several special people to give to the birthday person. What a special way to celebrate.

Lessons Learned

Who hasn’t learned a thing or two after living a couple of years, let alone, a couple decades? Sometimes the lesson learned can be more serious and sometimes they can be hilarious. I remember hearing the lesson learned of my Aunts and Uncles and I am reminded to stop and appreciate the people around us. Lesson learned gathered by the people that you want to celebrate, whether they are age 10 or age 100. We can all learn from them.

Family Stories

We all have them. When I first started collecting these stories, I started with my own family. I learned more about my own aunts, uncles and parents, than I would have ever guessed. I still think about hearing my dad share the stories of smelling the bread that his grandmother would make for them when they would go up to the family farm in North Dakota. Hearing him tell the story, in some ways simple, in some ways powerful. These are the stories that I will hold onto forever.

Celebration of Life

There are lots of special occasions to collect stories and recordings of our loved ones, but I have to say, not having a reason other than the Celebration of their life, is sometimes the best reason of all. We are all here for such a short period of time. We matter to people, and we have stories to share. We might as well let people know how much we appreciate them, their lives and their stories, by collecting their stories for always.


Film production and story collecting: Pricing negotiable based on customer desires and detail requested. Call or email for more details.

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My customers keep telling me how happy they are that they took the time and made the investment to hire us.  Even now, I have clients telling me that they cry every time they see their documentary because they hear the voices of their loved ones, see the emotion in their eyes and think about how special it will be for their kids.  I even have clients wanting to add more family members to their documentaries because they want to make sure all the people (each of their stories) are together, in one place, for their children and grandchildren. It takes a lot of time to do this well.  As we all know, time goes by so quickly.  At TallyPic Films, we go to each home, make copies of the family pictures, gather the footage and do the leg work.  We love what we do.  I smile thinking how I get to know some families better than they even do themselves.  I tell them; “Wait until you see the documentary.”  ”You have to wait and see what your mother said.”  Family members have told me, wow, I have learned facts and stories about my family that I didn’t know happened.    I end up feeling like they are part of my family, too.

Our goal at TallyPic Films is to produce a unique, one of a kind documentary film that records & celebrates family stories, memories, histories, & lives of everyday heroes, presented in a compelling visual storytelling format. Secondly, we organize all of the stories so you can share them, very easily, with your friends and family

We know you can record the stories, but we want to make it a very special occasion for everyone!  We love what we do! Give us a call or fill out the contact form.  We can’t wait to start celebrating your family!

(Learn more – Check out: What is TallyPic Films? and Our Heritage)

Tallypic Films started with a love of family and a curiosity of their stories and memories. It came from looking at our heritage, including each picture from our family’s photo albums and wanting to know more. After I embarked on this journey, I really began to appreciate what wonderful storytellers we all are. 

Photographer – Whether exploring a far away place or the intimacy of my back yard, I look for the beauty all around.

Filmmaker – Capturing moments that resonate is a passion that consumes my sense of perfection.

Teaching American History Grant – Just recently,  I participated in a three year grant.  During this time, I attended classes that were taught by extraordinary history professors from around the world.  Based on this experience, I enjoy integrating various types of primary sources; including maps, photographs and letters, into the family documentaries.

Educator – 13 years of experience teaching (with a love of social studies and technology) to children and adults.  Philosophìa Krateìto Photôn, “Let the love of learning rule humanity.” (Current Member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society)

Creating my own stories through travel – From Bangkok to the edges of Patagonia, the world is full of interest to me.

My goal at Tallypic Films is to shine a light on all of our lives, to honor each of us, so we can share our narratives with each other and the future generations.

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Tallypic Films can help you skillfully collect your family's stories, so you can celebrate the memories of the ones you love with others.

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